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Birthdate:Nov 27

"Haha, they're dead. It doesn't matter what they'd think. They're dead. They're dead."


Character Name: Jonathan
Class: Mage -> Mage Fighter
Weapons: Elemental magic; prefers Fire
Country: Kilia
Age:2223242526 27
Birthdate: November 27, 600 AR (3982 KC)
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Family: Seanan (father, deceased), Niamh (mother, deceased)
Language Skills: Trade, Kilian (fluent), Old Kilian (average), High Kilian (below average), Old High Kilian (below average in written/reading only), Korin (laughable), Dentorian (poor), Atisiran (below average)
Blood type: O


Jonathan was born to a pair of fairly normal people who lived alone in a small house just outside the small Kilian town of Talline. Whether there were complications with his birth or Jonathan was simply the only child his parents wanted, he never knew, and he never asked.

The three of them spent their lives together in that house. Jonathan was taught letters and languages by his father, and arts and stories by his mother. He was taught magic by both, though his father took the lead in that once it became clear that his talents lay in elemental magics. Jonathan never had any form of formal Kilian education, but his parents were enough, and they rarely left their little home on the outskirts of Talline.

Jonathan was ten when his parents, feeling that he needed to know in case something should happen to them, told him of a war that they fought in. A war between the forces of darkness and light, something Jonathan hadn't heard of before. They were Pillars of Light, they told him, and he needed to know, because at any time, an enemy could find them and kill them. Neither Jonathan's parents nor Jonathan himself ever expected it to happen, however, and they continued their lives without worry.

The end did come, when Jonathan was sixteen. He found his parents cold and dead and bloody in their beds one morning and, without hesitation, left home with only a bag full of mementos. He bought supplies in Talline, and set out to see the world.

He spent the first two years mostly wandering Kilia, getting lost between towns and managing to only find his way out of pure luck. In the end, he ended up home again, where he said a final farewell to the makeshift graves he had placed, and then he left again.

This time, he left Kilia. To Dentoria first, where he took on what work he could find, either as a hired guard for trade caravans or as simply a performing magician. He went to Kanemoria, as well, and then Atsiria, and then Hanalan, wiling away the years with little difficulty. He ended up passing through the northern edge of Kilia again, on his way to Korin, and that was when the journals opened.

He quickly found himself caught up in the mystery of the vanished House Franel, traveling with the displaced Lady Celeste as, once again, an escort. Eventually, the interest held him there more than his sense of duty, and he found himself following wherever the lords went -- and uncomfortably unable to pull himself away.

Even more uncomfortable was the fact that the journals were what the sected members of the populace called home; the same place that his parents had written so many words to in a journal that had written back, though Jonathan had never watched. And perhaps worst of all was the fact that, as Jonathan forged bonds with others that traveled with the Lords of Franel, his carefully-constructed mental walls began to crumble to pieces.


Jonathan is intelligent and observant, with a demeanor that usually seems quite calm -- almost cheerful. He comes across as personable and friendly, with a charming smile and a tremendous skill when it comes to simply listening. He smiles and laughs often, and often comes across as a flirt without quite meaning to.

Of course, like most everything else in Jonathan's life, that face is a carefully-constructed lie, practiced for years and honed with an almost intense precision. Jonathan has little difficulty lying about anything, from his feelings to the weather to his past experiences, except when caught off guard or confronted with the reality of his life. The truth is something Jonathan usually finds hard to grasp, in addition to being cruel and unyielding. Despite this, trust is something that he builds his perception of the world upon, and without it, or when it's lost, he becomes lost himself.

Jonathan has a tendency to be pessimistic underneath a smiling optimistic mask; while he wants the best, he expects the worst, even if he rarely voices it. He tends to internalize most everything: his emotions, his reactions, his unvoiced thoughts. When he does express these things, it tends to be in a short, quick, often explosive burst -- whether a quick jolt of anger or a sudden clench of guilt. He tends to let the emotions build inside him until they're too strong to ignore, at which point the explosion finally happens.

Jonathan sees himself as a liar and a sinner, and wonders quite often what's gotten him through all the years that he's managed to survive. He's never asked questions about it aloud, however, no matter how often he thinks about it.


Jonathan is slightly tall for a Kilian and fairly good-looking, with pale skin, violet hair, and violet-red eyes. He wears his hair messily, and though it's cut short, it often falls over his face. He's more lithe than muscular, and is in turn fairly physically weak.

He often appears to be at ease no matter the situation, dressing and acting quite casually with everyone he meets. His voice has a slight Kilian accent to it, somewhat dulled by years of speaking Trade, and tends to be somewhat lilting.


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[Jon is played by [info]dots for [info]himitsu_sensou. His PB is Dark Mousy from DN Angel.]

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angsting, being a geek, celeste, foreign insults, hating the secteds, lauren, letter-writing, lying, magic, obsession, snarking hart, thinking about the past
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