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I don't suppose Shallan has stopped by the shop today, has she, Caoilinn? I've been so looking forward to meeting her. Ah, though, I ought to call her by her title, shouldn't I? Brightness, you said it was?

Maybe I should have a look for her in town. Can you tell me about her? What she's like? You seem very well acquainted with her.
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[Filter: Kilia Franelcrew]

All right, well, I'm not sure we're going to get any further than we already have. If we had a text like we did in Atsiria, it would be one thing, but going off just the things we've had everyone say from memory ... well, it's dicey at best. Aileen's been very helpful with this; I can't imagine we'd have gotten much of anywhere without her.

The one we were best able to guess was sleg -- Aileen guessed that it could be dart or spear, and we haven't been able to get much further than that. Whatever language it was named in, Kilian has ... diverged quite a bit since that time, and the contexts of things are no longer quite the same as they were once.

Claideb solais ... the latter part is fairly easy. It's associated with daylight, the sun, firelight, candles ... "light," quite literally, and I don't think any of us have any questions about that. It's the former that's confusing. The closest we've been able to guess at is a weapon, or something used to hold one. A sheath, a scabbard ... But it could be a weapon. It's a very ... nebulous word.

The lia fáil is also fairly difficult. "Lia" means stone, but the rest ... "representative," or "significant," "quintessential," "emblematic" ... Any of those. It's as nebulous as "claideb" is, I'm afraid. Maybe even more so.

Coire ... the best we've been able to get out of that is "cookpot," I'm afraid. I'm fairly certain the relic we're looking for won't be a stock pot, unfortunately.

We might yet have a difficult time in Tarra.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

It's as we expected it would be. Ten of the group; five for each of Aileen and I to sponsor into the borders.

I ... suppose that we all know who's coming already, but all the same. I know this is difficult for all of us. Considering how many of us have been here from the start, or close to it ...

This won't be the end. We'll see each other again. But for now ...
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[Filter: Jack and Nessa]

Hello, Jack. Nessa and I have talked about your ... delicate situation, and I believe she's informed you that I have some abilities that might be able to help both of you come to an understanding, but I need to make absolutely sure that you understand what this entails.

It's the same magic that I used to bring Celeste back from the brink, when she fell under that spell in Floran. Do you remember much about that? Do you know much of anything about what happened? What I had to do to bring her back? I feel I ought to find out how much you know about what was done before I give you the rest of the explanation.
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Well, would you look at that? It's absolutely beatiful. The light off the embellishments on the pillars, and the chairs didn't take very long at all ...

And just think, we haven't even finished with the flowers yet! By the time all of those are hung, it's going to look like something from a fairy tale. We're going to have to make sure Celeste doesn't faint out of joy when she comes out and sees it~

Those clouds certainly aren't looking good, though. I don't think your shouting at them did much, Kail. How's it coming with dismantling the tents? We can start putting some more of them up, if you have anything ready for us ...
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[Filter: Lauren]

Hm, I wanted to ... talk to you, for a few minutes, if I could.

I've gotten a rather ... unfortunate name, for the gift exchange, and ... well, I wanted to let you know before you happened to think, I don't know, that I was doing something else, for whatever ridiculous reason. Considering my ... history with the man.

I have to buy for Elden.
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[Filter: Lauren]

Hm~ Are you horribly busy tonight? I thought we might walk down the Street of Silver again, and after that, I might have a bit of a surprise. But if you're busy with Celeste, by all means! I know she's very busy picking flowers and colors of lace ...

I just thought perhaps you might need another night away from it all! It can get very stressful, I know, and I'm not even the bride's closest friend. She barely asks me anything compared to you!

What do you say?
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[Filter: Lauren]

Is she even speaking to you anymore, except to tell you how awful and cruel you're being?

I doubt she's thought about this at all beyond how it's obviously because everyone hates her and you're being unfair. It's always about how unfair her life is, isn't it? Dragons, but I don't miss being that age. Thinking everything in my life was some immense tragedy that the world deliberately engineered to insult me, because no one else mattered ...
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

This is ... complicated to explain.

Celeste is physically intact as far as I can tell. Her mental landscape is ... it's still her, in there, she hasn't become someone else in all of that, but ... she has changed. As I said earlier. And earlier, I couldn't put a finger on what it was, but now ...


What's changed is that Celeste is a mage. And not just a mage. The most -- the most powerful I've ever felt. The inside of her mind is practically scorched with magic, she's pulsing with energy like an artifact. Whatever she saw in that light, it burned out all of her channels opening them up, filling her with information and knowledge and power in a way I can't even begin to imagine.

And she can't handle it. She's pulled too thin -- scorched, like I said, she's completely raw within herself, and she just can't take it. I can't even begin to imagine how much she knows ... several thousand years' worth of magical theory and research, at least. That sort of knowledge would overwhelm anyone, including Celeste, and I can't imagine she'll be able to wake up until something has been done to -- to reduce the burden on her mind.
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[Filter: Eina army]

Dragons, would you look at this scarring, I can't imagine how long it's going to take to heal up. Just -- can someone clear out the other healers for a moment, please, I'm trying to stabilize Faith and I can't concentrate when --

Nessa, how -- how are Calaith and Leigh? I haven't had a moment to glance away, since I've been working with Faith, there's -- I doubt I can help with Calaith, even should I finish with Faith right now, but --
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[Filter: Celeste]

How are you feeling, of late? No more ... fits, of late, I hope. I know that you'd let us know if there was anything wrong, but it's difficult not to be anxious, after so long ...

... Have you -- seen her, since ... ?

[Filter: Lauren]

You and Tabby seem on good terms, now that we're traveling together again. I have to admit, though I know it's silly, I was a bit worried that wouldn't be the case, considering ... well, considering how things were in Eina.

Very silly of me, I suppose, given what a long time ago that was ...
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[Filter: Lauren]

Hm, Dragons, here I thought I was never going to actually feel full again, and yet you've managed it admirably~

You've had an odd face on every time I've seen you today, though, even if that's admittedly not much. Is there something the matter? Did I You don't have to tell me, of course, but if there's anything I can do to help ... I'd hate for you to have something weighing on you all night.
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[Filter: Private, in Kilian]

If it is her, and I think I must admit to myself that it is, then who is the Ethniu who sits as a cleric in Taln, who rides out into the city every February? If it is Ethniu, then how could she sense it? What's causing this? How are the two connected, because they have to be.

The source is not what I think it is, isn't that what you said, Aelinoir? But Dragons, there are so many questions, so many loose ends, so many --

If this has been happening since Floran, th

There's no point to thinking about that. Not now. Dragons, not now. There's so much else --

And And L I should Th

Focus. Dragons, focus. Scattering your thoughts like this is only going to hurt you, out here.

[Filter: Celeste, in Trade]

... How are you feeling? Any better?

[Filter: Franelcrew, in Trade]

Well, I'm sure everyone's been anxiously waiting for word, and I can tell you that we haven't run into any problems of yet. Of course, we're still fairly close to Eina, but all the same ...

I suppose not much has changed there, has it? How are the plans for your march coming along?
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[Filter: Lauren]

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to be out there.

Watching Celeste like that, witnessing what happened, Dragons, it sounds unbelievable. Even reading it was hard enough. And with what Gebann's proposing ...

Do you want to get away from this for a while? Just go out into the city? Or we can talk about it, if you'd like. Whatever would make you feel better.

[Filter: Celeste]

I suppose this must all be weighing very heavily on you.
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[Filter: Lauren]

She's ... a very nice woman. Your mother, I mean. You really do look alike, you know. Seeing the two of you standing next to each other ...

I'm ... not entirely sure she likes me much, though.
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[Filter: Lauren]

Are you all right?
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[Filter: Lauren]

I think you need a break.
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[Filter: Lauren]

... Are you all right?
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[Filter: Private, in Kilian]


Well, what can it hurt? What is the worst thing that could happen? It's certainly unlikely to be anything like what I can dream up.

[Filter: Lauren, in Trade]

Do you want to get out of the castle for a little while?
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[Filter: Celeste]

This is going to sound like a very silly question, but I'm going to ask you to please humor me.

Does it seem to you like Lauren's been acting odd around me?


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