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It took some time. And I'm not sure how much it will help.

Labhri's dreams ... Labhri. You needn't worry. I saw nothing -- nearly even close to embarrassing, if that's what you're afraid of. I didn't see much at all, to begin with ... I was moving quickly.

But I did have to dive deep to find the light. It was buried so far down that I didn't know if I would even find it at first ... but it was there. Deep, deep down ... I thought I'd have trouble on the way back out, at first. But ...

Well, that was the easiest part.

I'm afraid I couldn't communicate with it. Not the way that Diarmid always implied he could. Not the way Millerna implied that she could.

It's simple, as he said. Very ... basic, at its core. It has simple wants and needs, simple impulses. There is no alien energy or intelligence behind it. It's almost like ... like a small child. Less, even. Like an animal, or a pet. It wants something -- someone -- who can use it. A master. Apt, I suppose, if its intelligence is so ...

It's confused. I tried to ... well, tried to speak to it as much as I could. But it would only respond with confusion. A sense of being lost, of being adrift and waiting, more than much else. And that something was wrong. A piece was missing.

Every time I tried to steer it toward -- toward Baethan, the confusion got worse. The only -- well, the only response, of a sort, that I could get, if you could even call it that, is that something is wrong. A piece is missing. Something is not as it should be, and that's why this is happening.

It wasn't pleading. It wasn't even asking for help. Simply repeating that there was something wrong.
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