Jul. 1st, 2014

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Hm. I have ... odd news. Nothing about the town with the funeral, yet, I'm afraid, but ... odd all the same.

One of the librarians who's been most helpful to me was missing today. Her name was Daimhin. I asked around a little bit, and while, as usual, no one wanted to speak of it ... she has been missing for a few days. And I managed to worm a little bit more out of them than that. Being a native helps, for that.

There's rumors flying that Daimhin isn't the only one who's vanished. People are muttering to each other about what this means, but none of them would talk about it when I tried to ask further. Daimhin and the others will be back, they said, shooing me back to my books. Please, sir, she has a history of locking herself in her bedroom and working until she collapses. She'll be back soon. Don't fret. And then even the rumors of the others they laughed off. Oh, they've gone to see family, I'm sure. Perhaps they've fallen ill. Excuse after excuse after excuse ...

I tried to keep asking, but none of the library aides would help. There was another patron there, though, who heard me asking, and pulled me aside. He wanted to know if I was asking because of Caoilinn. And when I said she was part of it, yes, he started asking more questions. How was she behaving near the end? How long ago did she disappear? Did I know if anyone else had witnessed her odd demeanor before she vanished? On, and on, and on.

It was altogether very unusual. For someone to even so much as acknowledge Caoilinn, much less ask me so many questions about her.


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