May. 28th, 2014

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[Filter: Aoife and Keagan, in Kilian]

Miss Aoife.

I know you're aware that we've been taking particular interest in your horror selection of late. Or, at least, that Keagan has been ... he's always had a bit of an interest in the eccentric and terrifying. I'm certain you'd be quite proud of some of the tales he's amassed over the years! But unfortunately, that's not what we're here about.

Keagan noticed while perusing one of his more recent volumes that there was a story in there which rang ... very true to the life of someone we know. In fact, if not for the added ghosts and madness and monsters, it sounded exactly like her life. She was raised among a noble family, you see, and the experiments you -- or, rather, your writer -- described that family engaging in ... well.

So now we have to ask you, Aoife, much as we wish we didn't have to: How true are all of these stories?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

I have our answers.

Aoife said that all the works in her horror selection are commissioned works. Ones written by other people, based off rumors circling out of various Kilian noble houses. All the examples I offered her, she had detailed stories about the writers of, and information on the rumors they'd based them on and where they came from. Aileen, she said the story based on your family was ... quite a popular topic of talk around Tarra, when the incident happened, and she doubts that story is the only one of its like.

As for the seeing magic -- scrying, we call it, Aoife said those rumors came from close by. The woods just north of the city, in fact. She didn't have more information than that to give, but she was very eager to give us what information she did have, and wished us luck.

I suppose the question we have to ask now is what we do with that information.


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