Apr. 22nd, 2014

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All right, well, I'm not sure we're going to get any further than we already have. If we had a text like we did in Atsiria, it would be one thing, but going off just the things we've had everyone say from memory ... well, it's dicey at best. Aileen's been very helpful with this; I can't imagine we'd have gotten much of anywhere without her.

The one we were best able to guess was sleg -- Aileen guessed that it could be dart or spear, and we haven't been able to get much further than that. Whatever language it was named in, Kilian has ... diverged quite a bit since that time, and the contexts of things are no longer quite the same as they were once.

Claideb solais ... the latter part is fairly easy. It's associated with daylight, the sun, firelight, candles ... "light," quite literally, and I don't think any of us have any questions about that. It's the former that's confusing. The closest we've been able to guess at is a weapon, or something used to hold one. A sheath, a scabbard ... But it could be a weapon. It's a very ... nebulous word.

The lia fáil is also fairly difficult. "Lia" means stone, but the rest ... "representative," or "significant," "quintessential," "emblematic" ... Any of those. It's as nebulous as "claideb" is, I'm afraid. Maybe even more so.

Coire ... the best we've been able to get out of that is "cookpot," I'm afraid. I'm fairly certain the relic we're looking for won't be a stock pot, unfortunately.

We might yet have a difficult time in Tarra.


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